Life is made up of perfect imperfections


For me, the best images are not just the perfectly posed shots but the spontaneous ones that truly reflect that time in your life. It’s the one of the kids pulling a funny face, a new parents’ loving gaze at their beautiful baby, or a couple sharing a laugh on their wedding day. These are the images you will most appreciate when you are looking back at your life, the ones that will truly connect you to that moment. I feel so privileged as a photographer to be a part of so many people’s happiest memories.

Meet Gina

I’m a mother of three fantastic kids. Ive built Evermore over the last 10 years to be a thriving full time business. My passion for photography started when I was a child, I loved getting my film developed to see what treasures Id captured. I love to laugh and have fun with my clients. When you look at a photo it has a feeling attached to it so its really important to me you feel comfortable with me. I’m great at giving directions if needed and at weddings I’m super efficient at organizing the big group shots.

I’m the photographer for you if…… You love fun, candid images with great energy. If you love windswept hair dancing across your face (wind not guaranteed). If your kids are a little wild (whose aren’t).  If laughter is what feeds your sole and your family and friends are the most important things in this world!

Auckland Photographer Gina Brumby

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"Gina is a brilliant photographer. I felt super nerves about getting wedding photos taken and but she made the whole experience stress free and I completely forgot she was there (in a good way). She was happy to answer all my questions and gave me some great tips on planning/ scheduling the whole day. Id definitely recommend Gina"
auckland wedding photography
Alex Gurr
"Gina made us feel so comfortable and relaxed. She was wonderful with our 9 day old Theo, (and his two tired new parents) and taught me a few tricks to help keep him calm. I adore the photos we got from our newborn shoot, they are a beautiful reminder of this very special time. She also came to us which made it all possible, and was patient through his feeding and changing on the time she spent. Highly recommend!"
Family photography shoot at sunset
Shannon Oswald
Gina is a rockstar photographer!!!! Not only amazing photos but so good controlling large (annoying) groups and making everyone feel relaxed. She is great with families- particularly the wee ones. She knows when they have had enough and she is great at getting an amazing photo of kids! We have used Gine three times and will only use her from now on! Thanks Gina!!!
Eliska Gillham