Newborn Photographer

Newborn Photographer

Newborn Photographer

In home sessions available

Mobile newborn photographer. Let me create beautiful newborn and family portraits in the comfort of your own home

Whether you like simple lifestyle baby photos or the more complex posed photos I bring everything needed for your session. Blankets, headbands, hats, baskets, bowls and lights. Don’t stress about the house being a mess! We just move things as needed. Newborn photos at home is the most relaxed and stress free way to capture these precious first moments.

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Newborn photography sessions designed to suit you

Gina Brumby – Newborn Photographer

Why choose me as your baby photographer

Ive been photographing babies for the last ten years and with three children of my own you know your in safe and experienced hands. All babies are different and need different things to settle. Ive been doing this for so long I can generally guess what it is that your baby needs to relax and fall sleep. Some babies are super alert a may not go to sleep. When this happens I will wrap baby so they are calm and we can still get super cute photos. The most important thing is that the photo session is not dragged out to long. Super long sessions with an unsettled baby will lead to bad day/night with your little one once I leave,  which is why I work as quickly as I can to create beautiful photos without impacting the family.

General Newborn Photography Questions

New parents often wonder when the best time is to have a photo shoot for their little one. It can truly vary. I suggest somewhere between five to fifteen days after birth. Although your not limited to this time frame. Ive had very successful sessions at four to five weeks. 100 days is also very popular and although this is not technically newborn any longer your welcome to book a session with props but baby will most likely be awake through the session.

This time frame allows newborns to be far more settled, and still be really sleepy for the session.

Another question new parents have is the length of time a session might take. Depending on your chosen package, baby’s temperament and session goals, a newborn photography session can last anywhere from  one to three hours. If baby is unsettled then a shorter time frame is advised as they can get over tired.

Most of the time will be spent waiting for the perfect shot to happen. Some parents can feel stressed or anxious about having their baby do well for the shoot. They feel bad if a photographer has to wait to take pictures between feedings or changings.

It’s important not to feel this way. Many newborn photographers, especially myself that will come to your home, expect this and plan to only be shooting photos for a portion of the entire time scheduled. We spend more time settling and feeding that we do actually taking photos and this is very normal.

One final question may revolve around safety during the photo shoot. Reputable professionals will adhere to safety guidelines and practices to ensure your baby is safe while being photographed. As an experienced mother and newborn photographer you can be assured your baby’s safety is of the utmost importance.

Booking the Session

It is important to reach out as soon as you know you want to have a newborn shoot. Commonly, when scheduling newborn photography sessions, you will book according to your due date. We do a place holder based on your due date and make a more permanent booking once baby is born.

You will need to pay a deposit of $150 to secure your session. This ensures I have you in my schedule and can fit you in as soon as your baby is born.

As you can expect, you will schedule the exact date when your baby is born. This means you or a trusted friend need to remember to let me know when your baby arrives.

Once I receive that information, I will work with your schedule to plan a session. Many newborn photography professionals will expect you to go to them. As I’m mobile you have a choice to either come to the studio or let me bring the studio to you.

I find newborns are more calm and comfortable when in their own home. Because they are around sounds and smells familiar to them, they are less stressed and antsy. Parents and siblings are also happier at home meaning the session will be so much easier for everyone.

Leading Up to Your Session

If your baby was born with jaundice, it is best to wait a few extra days until it passes.

Don’t worry to much about the little spots and scratches that appear on your newborn. This is all very normal and can be edited out in photoshop.

What to Do and Expect that Day

To ensure the photography session goes smoothly, you will need to feed your baby just before the session as well as heating the room we will be working in. This will help them to be sleepy and easy to manage. This is critical for a smooth session.

Before your newborn photography session, try to burp him or her before traveling in the car. This will help avoid excess gas during the appointment. Dress your baby in something that is button down. This avoids pulling things over their head to undress them.

If I’m coming to you for a posed/premium session, after you feed and change them simply wrap them in a warm wrap or blanket so I don’t have to disturb them to much.

For the classic/lifestyle newborn shoot baby just needs to be in a simple outfit that shows their hands and feet.

Helpful Things to Bring to a studio session

A pacifier can be helpful especial if your baby was a hand sucker in the womb. Preferable bring one that will not leave any markings on the outside of your baby’s mouth.

Nappies, wipes, and bottled milk if your baby is not nursing should all also be brought to the session and readily available. Professionals that do newborn photography understand if you are solely breastfeeding, bottle feeding or a mix of both. So feel free to do whatever works for you.

We will take as many breaks as needed to keep your baby happy and comfortable.

It’s also a good idea to bring some snacks and drinks for you as the parent(s). Take the time while the I’m working with your newborn to relax a little bit.

After the Session

I normally try to have the first gallery with your partially edited images ready for you to view within two weeks. Then once you have  made your final selection, I ask you allow up to three weeks for me to do the final process includes touching up the photos for any imperfections and lighting.

Some newborns will require extra editing for their photos. This can take some time, but usually, you can expect your final gallery within three weeks.

Your final gallery will have a link to download your finale selection. Your welcome to share this with family and friends.

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Hopefully, now you have a good idea of what to expect with a photo session for your newborn. Whether you want a simple portrait, or an elaborate costume and set, newborn pictures provide a priceless keepsake for you and your family.

Want to discuss other questions about newborn photo shoots? Ready to schedule your appointment? I look forward to creating the perfect memories for you and your newborn.

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