Family Photography

"The greatest legacy we can leave our children is happy memories"

Family Photography

Family Photograper

How to Book

Booking your family photography session is easy – simply call or email the photographer to get started. Many photographers prefer a phone call so they can get a better feel for what you’re looking to create. Don’t worry if you’re feeling a bit stressed about the process – your photographer is there to guide you every step of the way.

Let me guide you

When booking your portrait photography session I will work with you to decide the best location for your family photography, whether it be at the studio, beach, park, or in your own home. Your portrait photography session can take place anywhere because I am completely mobile across Northland. Don’t worry if you’re not sure where to go because I know a lot of great spots all over Northland for family photography sessions.

When is the best time

One of the most important considerations when scheduling your family photography session is the time of day. Ideally, photos should be taken when the sun is low and the light is soft and warm. However, this isn’t always possible. Sunset is a popular time for family photos, but in the summer months this can mean a late evening session which may not be ideal for young children.


Winter can actually be a great time for family photography, especially for sunset sessions. With a start time around 4:30pm, it’s perfect for families with young children who may need to be in bed early. Plus, if it’s been a nice day the temperature can be quite comfortable, making for a cozy and comfortable session.


In the summer months, it’s best to schedule your family photography session for early morning or late afternoon/evening when the light is best. If you do decide to schedule your session during midday, it’s important to find a location that provides some shade to avoid harsh shadows and squinting.

Bring the whole family

I welcome any size group for no extra charge. I have over ten years experience photographing family’s of any size. If its a large group I’ll suggest having a shot list so nothing get missed. Book me as your family photographer and I will work hard to capture natural and fun photographs that you will cherish. Everyone is welcome to join in, young and old, even your fur-babies. Your session is all about you and what you want me to capture.

I know how to warm up the crowd

I know it can sometimes be hard to get a natural photograph of your children. Often they see a stranger hiding behind a camera and they feel nervous, so they don’t let their true personality shine. I’m a professional family photographer, and more importantly a mother so I know how to warm up the crowd.  I take my time to ease into the session so your children to feel comfortable around me. As a result my approach allows for personalities to flourish and relationships to be captured in a true, honest way. So when you look back at the photos you will see a true representation of your family and the connections you share.

Gaining your child’s trust is really important

When choosing a family photographer it’s important you pick one that can work with all types of children. Because some kids take longer than others to warm up knowing how to gently coax them out of their shell is very important, so you you get smiles not the tears (although the tears can be super cute!). I am an experienced family photographer so know how to bring out the best in your family. So my relaxed Auckland family photography sessions are fun and energetic, no stilted smiling for the camera, which makes it easy to capture natural photographs of your family.

What to wear

When it comes to what to wear for your family photography session, keeping it simple is key. Bold patterns and colours can be distracting and take away from the focus on your family’s faces. Opting for timeless, classic clothing choices such as jeans, wrap dresses, and collared shirts will ensure that your photos remain current for years to come.

To help with clothing selection, consider picking three colours that work well together and having everyone coordinate their outfits around those colours. This will provide a starting point for everyone and help ensure that your family looks cohesive in your photos.

Give me a call today

In conclusion, booking your family photography session is easy and can result in beautiful, lasting memories. By choosing a photographer who specialises in family photography, considering the time of day and location, and keeping clothing choices simple and timeless, you can create images that will be cherished for years to come. So why not book your family photography session today and capture the special moments that make your family unique?

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