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It’s the story of your family.

A skilled family photographer can brilliantly capture those moments you’ll all be proud of

Don’t let family photography be one of those ‘one-day’ events. One day when I’m thinner, one day when the kids are older, one day when the kids are not so grumpy, when we’re not so tired, and when we have more time, we’ll get some professional family portraits taken. But what if that one day never comes?

Capturing your family’s story is not a special occasion

Family photography is not a luxury. It’s essential. Photos tell your family’s history; your journey together through life. Don’t wait for a special occasion. Family photography is something you should have taken regularly, especially when the kids are little and changing so fast. Once they become teenagers it becomes even trickier!

Let’s craft beautiful, natural photos together

But do you cringe when you see those awkward, stilted family photos? Is posing awkwardly while either you or somebody else sulks and a scary photographer who just doesn’t get you bosses you around what you remember about family photoshoots as a child?

Work with me and we’ll capture beautiful family portraits that you’ll cherish for years and will transform your house into a home. Let’s celebrate your family’s uniqueness and capture some wonderful memories guaranteed to make you smile.

Want to book a family portrait session for your family or just need more info? Text or call Gina anytime on 021 2087232 for a super quick answer.

I’ll work with you to find out what makes you who you really are

Every family is different, and every family is a bit quirky. Book me as your family photographer and I will capture natural, fun photographs that all your family will feel good about sharing. Everyone is welcome to join in, young and old, even your fur babies. I welcome any size group at no extra charge. Your photo session is all about you and what you want me to capture.

As a family photographer, it is my job to understand you as a family and to let your unique style shine through. To capture that there will be no stiff poses, no formality and no mean, bossy photographer. It will just be your family, being real, having fun and me with my camera.

Most of us feel a little embarrassed or uncomfortable in front of a camera, especially when asked to pose in certain ways or to show affection to our parents or siblings. In fact, the idea of sitting for a family photo shoot is about as appealing as going to the dentist for many of the younger members of the family. So having a photographer you can relax with is key.

I’ll create photos you can enjoy forever

I know it can sometimes be hard to get a natural photograph of your little ones. They’ll see a stranger behind a camera and feel nervous, so they don’t let their true personality shine. Over the years I have developed some fail-safe techniques and tricks to make all people look and feel good, particularly the little ones.

I’m a professional family photographer, and more importantly a mother. I know how to take my time to ease into the session, so your children feel comfortable around me, their personalities come out and relationships are captured in a true, honest way. When you look back at the photos you will see a true representation of your family and the connections you share, not a bunch of people standing around awkwardly posing. You’ll see a bunch of fun family moments all caught on camera.

When choosing a family photographer, it’s important you pick one that can work with all types of children. I love to capture natural candid moments, raw emotions and connections between people. Like all good family photographers, I use those senses honed through experience to see those special moments that cannot be created or planned before they happen: the moments that’ll stand the test of time. I also know how gently coax those kids who take longer than others to warm up to come out of their shells, so you get the smiles, not the tears (admittedly the tears can be very cute but are maybe not so welcome for the subject in years to come.)


Family photography at home, in the studio or out and about

I travel across Northland creating family portraits in the places that are special to my clients.

When booking your portrait photography session, I will work with you to decide on the best location for your family photoshoot, whether it be at the studio, the beach, the river or in your own home, garden, farm or orchard. Your portrait photography session can take place anywhere because I am completely mobile across Northland. Don’t worry if you’re not sure where to go because I know a lot of great spots all around Kerikeri for family photography sessions. Kerikeri is not a big town, so chances are I’m already familiar with prime outdoor locations like Kemp House, The Stone Store, Kororipo Pā, Charlie’s Rock, the Rainbow Falls, Fairy Pools, Waipapa Landing or beaches like Matauri Bay or Omata Estate in Russell, overlooking both the vines and the Bay of Islands. I’m great at thinking on my feet and catering to every situation. Rain or shine, I will capture the images that make memorable family portraits that you will love.

I will also talk you through my styling guide to help you dress the family, so you all complement each other and your family photos are timeless.

Family photography packages

Choose from an in home session or on location. All my family portrait packages include beautifully edited high-resolution digital images in colour and in black and white ready for you to print, an online gallery to share images with friends and family and complimentary design consultation if you would like help with printing.

I travel right across Northland and last-minute bookings are often available. If you would like to book a family photo session or need more info, text or call Gina anytime on 021 2087232

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