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Smile! 5 Great Family Photography Poses for Your Session

Is your next family photo session coming up?

While getting the family together to capture moments in life can be extremely rewarding, coming up with the concept of the shoot may not be. 

Perhaps you’re already overwhelmed with life and work and just don’t have the time. Or, maybe you’re stuck in a creative rut and need some inspiration.

Whatever the case, we got your back. Read on for five great family photography poses for your next session. 

1. Hold Hands and Walk

This is one of the best family photography poses to start with because it can loosen everyone up and help to capture natural moments. 

You can have the children in the middle or mix up how you want everyone to be placed.  Hold hands and start walking, allowing the photographer to capture your natural movement. Looking at each other and laughing while your walking will be easier than staring at the camera. If you have older kids that don’t want to hold hands that’s fine, just let them do what they want.

2. Get Cosy 

Depending on where your session is being held, having everyone snuggle in, and get cosy can be one of the most successful portrait photography family poses. 

Have everyone get nice and close so they can all be touching, either holding hands, cuddling and having children in laps.

Again you don’t have to look at the camera for all the photos. Look at each other laugh and have fun!


3. Be Spontaneous

Some of the best photos that come from family group photography poses are the candids. Get the kids to run or climb a tree. Interact with them and have fun with it.

These photos may possible be your favorites as people do tend to relax and you can capture moments that don’t feel so staged.

4. Hug It Out

Family photoshoots are one of the only places you can get your entire family to hug while on camera, so why not take advantage of the opportunity?

You could try big family group hugs or smaller groups of couples or siblings. Whatever the case, the outcome will be something you’ll want to keep. 

Trying this with an older family can also work as the laughter that happens after the awkward hug is fantastic to shoot.

5. Line Them Up 

Family photography poses can be as simple as the line-up method. If you have different generations in your family photo, consider lining them up by age or height. This may not be something you print but Grandma will love this photo.

Generational photos are super precious so make sure to make the most out of your session and have that photo mum and your daughter.

Give These Family Photography Poses a Try 

Are you now feeling a bit more prepared for your next family photo session? Try a few of these family photography poses, and you can be sure your shoot will be a hit. 

Contact us today, and we would be happy to set up your appointment to capture the family photo you will treasure.