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Newborn photography at home

Most of the images in my newborn gallery have been taken at my clients home. I bring everything needed to create beautiful baby and family photos. Your home doesn’t need to be fancy, tidy or large! We move things as required to create the space needed. I have a big light and all the props. Having in home newborn photography is the most stress free way to go! I’m based in Kerikeri and travel all over Northland.  

There is nothing more precious than the birth of a child

Nothing quite makes you wish for the ability to freeze time more than holding a newborn baby. You want to just hold on to that magical time of wonder and joy that comes from bringing a newborn child into the world forever.

Professional newborn portraits freeze those precious moments, but to truly capture those incredibly special, fleeting moments in a baby’s life, you need a newborn photographer that you trust and feel comfortable with. As a mother of three and a trained, experienced newborn photographer with over a decade of experience, I know how to keep your baby safe while crafting that perfect newborn photo.

Kerikeri newborn photographer Gina Brumby

I’m based in Kerikeri and I offer in-home newborn photography sessions right across Northland or at my Kerikeri photography studio.

At what age are newborn photos best?

As any parent knows, newborns are only small for such a brief time and newborn photos look best when your baby is within the first ten days of life.

In those precious early days, babies still have the tiniest fingers and toes, but, equally importantly, they are at their most malleable. The best baby photos blur out the distractions. They freeze any movement to create sharp memories of those first few months of a child’s life which is why we prefer to photograph babies in those ten days when they tend to sleep more and they’re happy to be carefully posed for those super-cute shoots that only experienced newborn photographers know how to take.

I take my time and make sure I get a beautiful selection of photographs for you to choose from. And I know how to keep your baby safe while posing them, so you can rest assured that your newborn is in good hands.

Where do we hold the newborn photography sessions?

If heading out to my Kerikeri photography studio for a newborn photoshoot seems a bit daunting in those early days, don’t worry. I’m fully mobile. I offer in-home newborn photography sessions right across Northland.

You and your family will probably be more relaxed in your own home, so not only will we be able to capture candid, natural shots of your new baby, we’ll also be able to capture those special family bonding moments. If you’d like to include other family members like siblings or Nana and Grandad or any fur babies, that’s absolutely fine. Your baby photography shoot is all about you and yours.

I’ll bring everything I need to create beautiful baby photos. All you have to do is sit back and relax while I capture stunning baby photos that will become cherished heirlooms.

You’ll also be very welcome to visit my cosy Kerikeri studio. We can make anything happen with the magic of newborn photography props, sets and lighting. Your photography session can be as simple and natural or as styled as you like.

You can choose from one or two-hour photoshoots.

When should I book my newborn photographer?

I recommend you book your time before the end of your pregnancy. Thinking you’ll have the headspace to add “schedule a newborn photo session” to your list just after your baby is born might be a little optimistic. I suggest you schedule your newborn session during the second or third trimester of pregnancy. (The third trimester is also the ideal time for a pregnancy photography session). That way, you can ensure you’ll remember, and I can ensure we have a photo session available around your due date.

Once your baby is born, we’ll then pick the exact date and time within that premium two-week timeframe. Also, if you’re not feeling up to it by the time your appointment rolls around you, don’t be concerned about rescheduling. (I know what it’s like!)


All I need is your baby’s due date and I pencil you in.

What do I need to know about newborn photography?

When parents contact me to inquire about a baby photoshoot, they often have a lot of questions, so I hope you find these helpful.

  • Newborn photographers undergo special training to learn how to keep babies safe and comfortableduring their photo sessions.
  • Typically, newborn photography takes place when the baby is between four and fourteen days oldbecause your baby will be asleep more than they are awake. At this age, most babies enjoy being wrapped and we are better able to pose them for the camera. If your baby is awake and not keen to cooperate and have a nap on cue, as an experienced newborn photographer I also have tips and tricks to get them nodding off happily.
  • There is no age limitfor our classic baby photography session. If your baby is older than ten days, we can certainly still get them to snooze on cue, it may just take a little longer. As babies get older, they’re more alert during the session, which can make it more difficult to get the specific poses we’re after.
  • Babies from six to twelve months old are also at a very cutestage to capture. Have a look at some of our photos from sessions for children of this age.
  • The one thing about a newborn photoshoot with me, whether it is at your Northland home or in my Kerikeri studio, there is never any pressure. The whole session will be dictated by your baby, and I just work with what they want to do.
  • At this age, there is no need to worry about your baby’s skineither as all baby photography includes subtle editing to remove the little blemishes. Does your little one does have a scratch, a wee bit of acne, cradle cap, a rash or a tiny temporary imperfection that just appeared? No worries! We’ll touch those up during editing, if that’s what you want.
  • “But I’ve just given birth. My house is a shambles”. I have three kids. I can guarantee I won’t even notice. I am not there to photograph your houseand you’ll be surprised at how little room I need. I’ll just pick out the best spots, which could be in a bedroom or living room, depending on the light. You absolutely shouldn’t worry about how tidy your home is or isn’t.
  • I offer two types of baby photography packages.
    • My Classic Sessionis relaxed and is all about capturing the new family without all the props and babies are kept dressed in a simple sleeveless plain bodysuit. The classic package is $650 at my Kerikeri studio or $750 at your home. We base that price on your Northland home being a 1-hour drive from Kerikeri.
    • The two-hour Premium Sessionallows time for settling and for those that love the more posed baby photos as well as family photos. In these sessions, we can use all my headbands, hats, blankets, wraps and props either at your place or mine. At the beginning of the photoshoot, we talk about the colours you would like to use, and you have full control of the styling. The Premium Package is $800 at my Kerikeri studio or $900 at your home. We base that price on your Northland home being a 1-hour drive from Kerikeri.
  • Professional printing and albumsare optional extras.

Words cannot express the joy of new life

Newborn photos are family heirlooms that celebrate the birth of new life and document the most memorable milestones of your growing family. So, if you’re looking for newborn photography that captures those precious early days, contact me today. You can be confident that you get beautiful photos that you will cherish forever. Call me for more information – Gina 021 2087232


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