Wedding Photographer Northland
Wedding Photographer Northland

Capturing the Moment: How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Photographer

Who dosnt love a good wedding. Whether it’s the thought of a new outfit, enjoying the fantastic wedding food or having a good cry because they just look so happy,  is a thing that most of us get excited by.

But if you were to speak to any couples before the big day, most will tell you among the most difficult decisions to make was choosing a wedding photographer. Get it wrong and the only tangible evidence of that beautiful but fleeting day could leave you with a constant feeling of disappointment. 

So how do you choose the right wedding photographer? Keep on reading to find out the answer!

Figure Out Your Style

One of the principal things to have clear when choosing your wedding photographer is the style you want.

There are various types of wedding photography styles to choose from candid, fine art to traditional. When you add lighting effects and post-production edits into the mix then you could be walking into post-wedding disappointment if you end up hiring a wedding photographer that is unable to deliver what you want.

Flicking through a few wedding shots of your friends and magazines should be enough to help you decide on what works for you. 

When making up your photographer shortlist don’t waste your time on anyone who won’t be able to guarantee the results you want on the big day.

Ask for a Portfolio 

After clarifying your style you’re on your way to the next step in finding the right wedding photographer for you. The next box to tick in your wedding photography checklist? Asking for a portfolio. 

You may have checked out their website and scrolled through their Instagram account but don’t be fooled! Just like you, a professional will only put out there what they are happy for people to judge them for. By requesting a portfolio of a wedding you can identify if they are able to produce consistent quality shots, providing a story of the special day. 

Does Your Wedding Photographer Know the Venue?

Experienced wedding photographers normally work within a certain radius, meaning that they likely have been to most of the prime wedding venues in your area. If you live in a small town the chances go up tenfold.

So it may be worth asking them if they are already familiar with your venue. Why may this be important? 

If they already know where the best light is you can feel safe that they will make the best of your environment. It’s not essential but it’s certainly a bonus.

If they haven’t been to the venue they will most likely arrive earlier or check it out before the day to make a plan for the formal photos.

Set Up a Meeting

Without a doubt, the most important step you have to take is to meet your wedding photographer before the big day. 

After years of experience, we can tell you that weddings are capable of turning the most steely nerved couples to their wit’s end. Don’t forget that your photographer, not only will be close to you the whole time but they will need to constantly give you instructions.

A good photographer should be a source of calm and professionalism amongst the madness, and the only way that you will know if fit the bill is by meeting them. On top of that, you can be sure that they will want to meet you too. 

When you do have some questions prepared, such as what kind of experience they have and if they will have a second shooter. 

If you don’t come away from the meeting feeling confident, it’s worth listening to your gut and looking elsewhere. 

Tick It off the List

Knowing that you have got your wedding photographer right before the big day is a great feeling. The good news for you is that sensation is within your grasp if you follow some of the wedding photography tips I’ve put together. 

If you like our tips and live in Aukland, why don’t you check out what we can do for your big day? Capturing those precious moments is something we are passionate about and over the last 10 years, we’ve been fortunate enough to help countless couples immortalise their big day. 

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